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Long Wool Beanbag


Product Description

Add a little natural texture to your living space with a long wool sheepskin beanbag. A cosy place to nestle in, relax and unwind.

With soft and resilient wool fibres, these skins from the flocks of sheep pastured on the lush grasslands of Southern Australia and New Zealand are hand selected and expertly matched to create natural products of textural beauty and style.

The shaggy bag is already filled with beans – the job’s done so you don’t have to!

Measures: 930 x 920 mm

Wool staple: 60-80mm

* Please note that due to the nature of sheepskin and the tanning process some items colours may slightly vary. Sheepskin will also pick up different lighting, in natural light the colour will look much lighter, while under artificial light it may look slightly darker.

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