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Wire Furniture Care


Ico Traders wire furniture is made of steel, a durable, sturdy and sustainable resource that is easily recyclable. We use a PVDF base coat and a coloured powder coat finish for resistance and to help protect your furniture from the elements. However, steel can be susceptible to rust when left unprotected or damaged. If you live near the ocean, or in an area of high humidity & rainfall, we recommend that you invest in our stainless steel range.

To keep your Ico Traders furniture in the best possible condition, please follow these instructions for use and maintenance.


  • Please take the greatest of care when unwrapping your furniture so it is not damaged by knife or scissor marks, or placing table tops on the ground.


  • Metal furniture is best cleaned using a soft cloth, water and a mild, non-detergent soap, (it will clean without harming your furniture or the environment). Abrasive scrubbers or cleaners should not be used as they can scratch the finish, potentially exposing the metal to rust-inducing moisture. For ingrained dirt, use window cleaner or a non-abrasive multi-purpose cleaner.
  • When cleaning keep an eye out for scratches or any signs of rust, especially at furniture joints. Apply touch-up paint to scratches ASAP to prevent rust.
  • Sunscreen & bird droppings can wear away your furniture’s protective finish and cause corrosion and permanent staining and should be cleaned off as quickly as possible.


  • Plastic sliders are attached to the feet of our furniture to prevent any damage resulting from contact with the ground. We recommend that you replace any lost sliders immediately.
  • If rust begins to appear as a result of a scratch or bump, touch up as quickly as possible using enamel paint, (purchased from any hardware store). Parts can be further protected from the weather by spraying with WD-40 or CRC, driving out any moisture & protecting the iron.
  • If T-staining develops, then a polish (liquid or paste only) or car wax can be applied. The sooner action is taken, the less the rust will spread.
  • Iron does not react well to salt air, our beautiful but harsh New Zealand & Australian climates mean we can not guarantee the furniture to be 100% spotless forever, especially if you live near the ocean. If you do live close to the coast, or in an area of high rainfall, please consider upgrading to our stainless steel range.
  • Consider covering your furniture when not in use for long periods of time. Even if it can stand up to the elements, this will extend its life and make cleaning easier when the outdoor season begins. When covering, use a breathable material to avoid creating a mould incubator.
  • The lifespan of your furniture will vary in relation to the conditions and type of use. To maximise the lifespan of your product, especially if you live in an area with a harsh climate, store in a dry, well-ventilated place over winter, ensuring it is protected from any knocks and bumps.
  • To help protect the environment, please remember to take your packaging and any old unwanted furniture to your local waste disposal centre and recycle where possible.


Salt spray from breaking waves and onshore winds is by far the biggest threat to metal components. Primarily made up of sodium chloride, it accelerates the electrochemical reactions that cause rusting and other forms of corrosion on metal components. In addition, the high level of relative humidity (RH) in coastal areas can further add to the deterioration of metals. This is mainly due to the metal’s exposure to atmospheric pollutants and other man-made compounds like sulphur dioxide, for example, that can be found in the moisture layers caused by fog, mist or dew. As such, coastal areas which frequently experience high humidity, regular fogs and long periods without rains are particularly vulnerable to metal corrosion.


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